Unlocking Hidden Potential

What is this?

Commercialism is a management approach and a perspective that seeks to create income and thereby value from any enterprise. Commercialisation is the successful result of strategies exercising Commercialism. In the private sector, it’s often referred to as Monetisation.

Increasingly, commercialisation is employed in the public sector to provide services to business and consumers that represent an attractive purchase. Often these services are not presently available from the organisation seeking to unlock their commercial potential.

In addition to delivering valuable products and services, Commercialisation can help the public sector become substantially more self-sufficient.
In parallel to the dramatic economic events in the private sector, Local Government is also being hurt by the ‘new economy’ born in 2008. The reduction of central funding is compounded by the effect upon local businesses – who form the largest slice of the local economy. We work with Local Government to achieve greater control of its destiny – via improved self-sufficiency. This is the driver behind the Commercialisation of selective Local Council services.

Archemys brings additional value to these ventures in several ways. We can provide access to resources and skills that can partner with Local Councils’ own. Also we can facilitate access to appropriate markets for Commercialism’s products and services. Where we can, we aim to complement a Council’s investment in local business with private investment as part of a Co-Investment initiative.

Archemys are organising a series of events and workshops to foster the drive to local economic self-sufficiency.