Case Histories

Jobbing Software House


To Listed Telecom

A struggling business that developed software for local clients. Working closely with the owners, Archemys identified a hidden soft asset that became the foundation for an international telecomms company listed on the London Stock Exchange

To Entertainment Group

A technically insolvent business reluctantly owned by a U.S. investment bank. Re-inventing the business model & equipping with modern digital tools allowed the business to corner a new niche in the international entertainment business, valued at many millions of pounds by the Private Equity company that acquired it.

Local Leisure

Local Economic Development

To Lifestyle / Visitor Economy

A group of Leisure Centres managed by a local Council became the basis of a digital Commerce business retailing health products, merchandise, event / lifestyle bookings & reservations to both local and visitor communities.

To Entrepreneur Club

Economic Development is a worthy aim for Councils, but has only vague RoI from scarce resources. Archemys has developed a complete business membership package that sits alongside Economic Development to make it generate revenue.