Private Sector Commercialism

Private Sector Commercialism Defined

Private sector commercialism was the starting point for the Archemys methodology. Having turned around numerous failing businesses by reengineering their business models, management structures and operational models, we realised the same principles could be applied to the public sector. So we adapted our proven private sector commercialism programme and created a public sector version.

Performance Re-engineering

All businesses use assets, even if unwittingly. Recognising and re-engineering ‘soft’ assets is often the fastest way to improve the performance of a business. This recognition is one key outcome of what we term 3-D Management

Value Maximisation

Most businesses are too engrossed operationally to consider the power behind leveraging – assets [hard & soft] : markets & customer relationships : partnerships and so on ‘Change or die’ can apply to business models – the way a company makes money. Often this is the dimension of the business that is weak or vulnerable, rather than the whole. Re-inventing the business model can even re-value the entire business within just months.

Structured Methodology

Archemys has applied experience of transforming the performance of businesses into the development of a structured programme. This now forms the basis of all performance and value maximisation.
The programme is a mix of intensive workshops and on-site strategies, supported by proprietary tools & techniques

Entrepreneur Club

For smaller businesses who wish to apply Archemys Business Re-engineering Programme. We manage virtual ‘Boardrooms’ of a small group of businesses through an accelerated growth version.
In addition we provide specialist tools and techniques, often combined with innovative funding strategies and resources