Public sector commercialism takes tried and trusted techniques from the private sector and applies them to local government. We have many years of reengineering private sector mindsets and methodologies under our belt, which we are now perfectly placed to translate into public sector commercialism programmes for your organisation.



Management Re-engineering

Assets are both hard & soft; soft assets are most often those easiest and quickest to monetise. We match and leverage soft assets into new markets. Scaling business models allows you to maximise ROI with scarce resources. New and innovative business models transform existing assets.

Hidden Assets

We have found it vital to reset management mindset and perspective. Committed Management can lack the right tools & techniques. We’ve adapted proven private sector methodology to structure an intensive Management Programme. Early and incremental RoI ensures political confidence.

Self-funded revenue regeneration

Budgets are discovered when silo structures are ‘reset’. Investment based upon early recovery and returns. The same assets can be leveraged into several markets. Innovative enterprise funding and co-funding programmes

Modular transformation

Action rather than planning shapes Enterprise and we believe pragmatic, bottom-up transformation avoids ‘betting the farm’. Modular enterprise initiatives act as organisational catalysts, as well as delivering financial gains. Large scale, top-down organisational transformation can deliver hard to measure results and can paralyse needed early change.

Management wastage

Most Councils employ very competent managers. Entrepreneurial leadership and drive need to be urgently woven in. We find management ‘jewels’ wasted in supporting roles. Rather than move inadequate managers, in-sourcing complementary skills has a catalytic effect across the whole organisation. Drive comes with urgency: ‘let’s do next week, what we can do next week’. Not all investment is always 100% effective all the time, small failures are leveraged into resets and returns.

In-sourced Provisioning

We believe that the version of outsourcing employed by Councils is counter-productive to fostering Local Authority enterprise. Hence we prefer to ‘provision’ management with new skills and modern tools. Local Government is actually better off than it thinks it is, but perversely is deprived of the means to exploit this.

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