Private Sector

Performance Re-engineering

All businesses use assets, even if unwittingly. Recognising and re-engineering ‘soft’ assets is often the fastest way to improve the performance of a business. This recognition is one key outcome of what we term 3-D Management

Value Maximisation

Most businesses are too engrossed operationally to consider the power behind leveraging – assets [hard & soft] : markets & customer relationships : partnerships and so on ‘Change or die’ can apply to business models – the way a company makes money. Often this is the dimension of the business that is weak or vulnerable, rather than the whole. Re-inventing the business model can even re-value the entire business within just months.

Structured Methodology

Archemys has applied experience of transforming the performance of businesses into the development of a structured programme. This now forms the basis of all performance and value maximisation.
The programme is a mix of intensive workshops and on-site strategies, supported by proprietary tools & techniques

Entrepreneur Club

For smaller businesses who wish to apply Archemys Business Re-engineering Programme. We manage virtual ‘Boardrooms’ of a small group of businesses through an accelerated growth version.
In addition we provide specialist tools and techniques, often combined with innovative funding strategies and resources