Commercialism Workshops

Defining the opportunity

Building the plan for success

In these workshops we equip you with tools and techniques to identify the best commercial opportunity for your project, then move on to creating a full outline business plan for review and approval by all required stakeholders.



Induction Boot Camp

This one-day session consists of two core elements:

  1. interactive debate on the principles of commerce and the drivers behind successful businesses
  2. application of these principles to potential ventures within the organisation and its associated areas of influence

What you’ll get from the workshop:

  • Key drivers of business success
  • Understanding market engagement
  • How to identify and leverage assets (hard & soft assets)
  • Adapting private sector models
  • Group case-working sessions

Following the workshop, we will deliver a comprehensive report and recommendations based on the outcomes of the induction day. This will form the basis of Workshop 2 and feed into the development of a viable, robust business plan.



Intensive Building of Outline Business Case

In the Venture Lab, facilitated by Archemys, a virtual board hand-picked by you will spend two days working on developing a candidate for the pilot project.

The goals of the 2-day workshop are:

  • Scope the collateral for an outline business case
  • Structure a venture opportunity
  • Assess the opportunities and challenges
  • Secure buy-in and ownership
  • Build revenue and resourcing profiles
  • Establish a viable and deliverable business model
  • Build the outline business case

The output from the Induction Boot Camp and Venture Lab form the basis of the Sales & Marketing Plan and Business Plan which will you will create during the Strategic Packages sessions, the precursor to launching a full pilot project.

Start Your Commercialism Journey

The 3 days of workshops will put your organisation firmly on the path to Commercialism and establish the frameworks you need to build viable products and services. With a solid business plan and the right team driving it, you will emerge just steps away from self-sufficient revenue streams.