Getting ready for Commercialism

We’ve worked with many local authorities in recent years and, while Commercialism works for the vast majority of them, there are still a few for whom it doesn’t. So we’ve created the Archemys Enterprise Health Check as the first step to decide whether you’re ready for Commercialism.

If you fit into more of the green boxes than red below, then we can definitely help you create an Enterprise Authority which has the attitude, assets and ability to succeed with Commercialism.

Fail to execute early

and at lower cost, entering the market late with less return

Prepared to execute early

in a modular & low-cost manner

Don't re-engineer mindset & perspective

preferring to stick to the old ways of doing things

Can upskill the right management

via “at-the-coalface” training

See the 'day job' as separate & more important

treating Commercialism as a part-time hobby

See Commercialism as a core element

of a committed future for the authority

Adopt a high-risk business model

or simply stick doggedly to the wrong business model

Engender correct thinking

to develop flexible strategies and processes

Scope large-scale, long-term projects

or “bet the farm” on cumbersome implementations

Will adopt an agile approach

and implement frequent, high-impact projects

Best management is 'out of position'

rather than appointing strong entrepreneurial leadership

Choose entrepreneurial management

with the appetite and the drive to ‘get’ commercialism

Fail to deploy low-cost, customer-centric tools

but stick to ineffective, inflexible & outmoded processes

Happy to become self-sufficient

and inspire others through their success

So... do you have what it takes to become commercial?


This doesn’t mean you have to have all of the above in place already – that’s what we’re here to work with you on. You just need the mindset and the will to make the necessary adjustments. So… are you ready for Commercialism?