Sales & Marketing Modules

Build the system for your business

The Archemys Sales and Marketing Platform has three levels of plug-and-play modules you can select from to adapt it to your individual requirements.

  1. CORE MODULES – included in the base system and available to all clients straight out of the box;
  2. OPTIONAL MODULES – some of our most popular functionality, but not necessarily required in full for all clients. These are available as add-ons to the base system;
  3. BESPOKE MODULES – our bespoke modules are developed on a client-by-client basis and provide specific features for particular business models and client requirements.

The Optional and Bespoke modules listed below are just a small sample of those which can be added to the sales and marketing platform – contact us for an in-depth discussion of your individual requirements.


  • Create multi-tier membership programmes which allow customers to sign up to the level of service which best suits their requirements and budget.
  • Payments are fully automated and created as subscription products – customers can choose to pay monthly, annually, or at other intervals of your choice. Once a customer subscribes, all recurring payments and renewals are handled automatically by the platform.
  • Customers can upgrade, downgrade or cancel their subscriptions at any time. In addition, add-on products can be offered to complement a customer’s subscription.
  • In-built digital marketing capabilities to drive customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Our digital sales and marketing platform includes best-in-class solutions for social media, email marketing and content marketing.
  • Data-driven personalisation and decisioning underpins all elements of the digital marketing platform, ensuring it makes the best use of your valuable customer data. Additionally, the platform facilitates data capture to grow your customer database organically.
  • Our sales & marketing automation capabilities allow you to set up campaigns based on visitor behaviour, saving time and money. Campaigns are flexible and can be adjusted to respond to changes in user behaviour.
  • In-depth analytics are available for all elements of the sales & marketing mix so you can measure the return on investment and adjust your product offering and campaign approach based on real-time results.
  • Take secure payments for subscriptions and one-off purchases using our best-in-class eCommerce engine.
  • Select from two world-leading online payment processors to offer customers complete security and the widest possible range of payment methods – including debit card, credit card, PayPal, eWallets, direct debit and more.
  • Database management is integrated with the content management system, allowing you to run commerce-enabled marketing campaigns based on actual customer data, such as purchase history, spending potential, customer life-stage…
  • API integration with suppliers and fulfilment keeps customers updated with order tracking from purchase to shipping to delivery.


The Bookings & Reservations module of the sales and marketing platform can be configured to enable ticket sales and slot bookings for items such as:

  • Theatre tickets;
  • Office space & hotdesks;
  • Event bookings;
  • Leisure centre bookings;
  • Home visits (e.g. handyman or care worker);
  • Travel tickets;
  • And many others…

Reward regular customers for their loyalty by providing points which they can redeem against a selection of goods and services through the eCommerce platform.

This encourages repeat purchase and helps to increase basket sizes as customers earn more loyalty points the more they spend.

Set up a tiered affiliate programme to incentivise partners to promote your products and services. Affiliates earn a commission – at a rate set by you – for every completed purchase by a customer they have referred.


Give visitors the option to pre-book parking spaces, either for defined time slots or whole/half day. Indispensable for town centre management or as a value-added service with event tickets, restaurant bookings and venues.

Create revenue streams by letting out buildings for public use – weddings, birthday parties, conferences etc.

Set up a shared database of all your client information, stored in a common location to be accessible to all of your staff. Allow multiple users to work on common documents at the same time and facilitate remote working.


Get in touch for a demo of the Archemys customer applications platform and more detail on how the individual modules build into a fully-featured digital platform.